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Welcome to Kinderleicht, where kids of all ages learn German the fun way!
Join our engaging lessons & playgroups and watch your child’s German skills blossom!

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About us

Welcome to Kinderleicht, where learning a language is as easy as pie! Kinderleicht is a German word that means “easy-peasy” in a kids-way. At Kinderleicht, we believe that learning should be fun and engaging for children.

That’s why we use various interactive methods to teach German to kids of all ages. From catchy songs to exciting games and captivating stories, we ensure that our lessons are not only educational but also enjoyable.

Visit us at our beautiful learning space in the heart of Sheung Wan to experience our German playgroups, group lessons, camps and private tutoring sessions.


Benefits of Early Language Learning

Research has shown that learning a second language early in life has numerous benefits for children. It promotes brain development and enhances general learning skills. By exposing young minds to different languages, we help them become more adaptable and open-minded individuals.
Learning a new language also boosts self-confidence in children. As they acquire new vocabulary and communicate in another language, they gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. This newfound confidence extends beyond language skills and positively impacts other areas of their lives. Moreover, early language learning sparks an interest in other cultures. By introducing children to different languages, customs, and traditions, we broaden their horizons and foster a sense of global awareness. This understanding of diverse cultures lays the foundation for tolerance, empathy, and respect towards others.

Join us at Kinderleicht as we embark on an exciting journey of language learning together. 

Why choose us 

Fun and Engaging Lessons for Kids

We pride ourselves on being the best choice for kids who are learning German. Our lessons are specifically designed to be fun and engaging, ...ensuring that children enjoy the learning process.

Experienced Teachers

Our team of teachers has extensive experience in working with young learners. They understand the unique needs and learning styles of children... and tailor their teaching methods accordingly.

Engaging Resources and Materials

In addition to our dynamic teaching methods, we provide a wide range of engaging resources and materials specifically designed for kids.... From colorful textbooks to interactive online platforms, we offer a variety of tools that make learning German enjoyable and accessible for young learners.

Meet the Team

Group Classes

Benefits of Learning TOgether

Kinderleicht offers a wide range of German group classes designed to make language learning fun and enjoyable for all ages.
One of the key benefits of joining our German group classes is the opportunity to learn in a supportive and interactive environment. Learning a new language can be challenging, but being part of a group allows you to practice your skills with fellow learners, boosting your confidence and motivation. Our small-sized classes ensure that each student receives personalized attention from our experienced and dedicated teachers, guaranteeing effective learning outcomes.

At Kinderleicht, we believe that learning should be playful and engaging. That’s why our German group classes are designed to incorporate various interactive activities and games. By integrating play into the learning process, we create a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere where students can actively participate and absorb the language naturally. Our “German playgroup” sessions are particularly popular among young learners as they combine language acquisition with fun-filled activities.

Group Classes

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