Meet the Team

Meet Alisha  

Meet Alisha, the creative force behind Kinderleicht! Alisha founded Kinderleicht three years ago. Her dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every aspect of our work at Kinderleicht.

Before starting this incredible journey, Alisha honed her skills as a private German tutor in both Hong Kong and Germany. With extensive experience working with children of all ages, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Alisha’s commitment to excellence is evident in her qualifications. She is a certified teacher and holds the prestigious advanced training teaching certificate from the Goethe Institut “DLL” (Deutsch Lehren Lernen). This innovative certification ensures that she stays at the forefront of effective teaching methods.


Meet Maike   

Meet Maike! With us for 2 1/2 years and counting, she has been an integral part of our team since the very beginning. Maike’s passion for teaching German to children shines through in her engaging and interactive lessons. 

Not only is she a pro at making learning fun, but she also has a deep understanding of our unique concept. Her expertise in working with kids of all ages makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Currently, Maike is pursuing her DLL (Deutsch Lehren Lernen) training teaching certificate at the prestigious Goethe Institut, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in the field.

Meet Marta   

Introducing Marta, the cheerful and beloved member of our team at Kinderleicht! With her infectious positivity, she never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face, especially the children.

Marta has a wealth of experience working in international kindergartens in both Warsaw and Berlin, making her an expert in creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment.

As a professional childcare worker, Marta knows how to connect with children on a deeper level, fostering their love for learning German. Her creative ideas and innovative teaching methods have made her an invaluable asset to our team.


Meet Alessa   

With her positive attitude and warm smile, Alessa creates a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all. Alessa brings a wealth of experience to our team, having worked as an official German tutor in Germany for refugees, kids, and adults.

Her passion for teaching extends beyond language acquisition; Alessa also introduces her students to the vibrant culture and traditions of Germany. By immersing them in the country’s rich heritage, she helps foster a deeper connection to the language.

She knows how to make language acquisition fun and engaging, ensuring that every child enjoys their journey towards fluency.

Meet Kira   

Joining us in July 2023, she has already made a lasting impression with her lovely teaching style and ability to connect with children.

What sets Kira apart is her unique background. Having grown up in Hong Kong and being a former student at GSIS, she has an intimate understanding of the curriculum and knows exactly how to support students in their German learning journey.

Kira’s firsthand experience as a student herself gives her a special advantage in tailoring her teaching methods to meet the needs of our young learners. She brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to make German learning engaging and enjoyable for every child.


Meet Wiebke   

Introducing Wiebke, the newest member of our team at Kinderleicht! With her wealth of experience working at several kindergartens in Hong Kong, she brings a unique perspective to our classroom.

Wiebke’s years of experience have made her a master at teaching German. She understands the challenges that students may face and knows how to tailor her lessons to meet their individual needs. Her deep understanding of language acquisition allows her to create effective and engaging learning experiences for every child.

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