About Us

Kinderleicht is a German word to indicate when something is easy-peasy in a kids-way. As children at young age are highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning a language. At Kinderleicht we understand the needs. They learn the language through songs, nursery rhymes, engaging games, cartoons and stories. Children are not worried about wrong grammar or pronunciation. They quickly pick up an accent of another language and their grammatical skills develop subconsciously. In addition, learning a second language early in life promotes brain development and general learning skills, boosts self-confidence and helps kids develop interest in other cultures. 

Our students at Kinderleicht en­ter German lan­guage world play­ful­ly and ef­fort­less­ly and with­out be­ing over­taxed.

  • Qualified native teachers
  • Stimulating learning activities: Fun and engaging way to improve student language skills
  • General language and exam preparation courses for all ages and levels
  • Convenient home tutoring classes
  • Online tutoring classes
  • German exposure and German culture workshops
  • Flexible course content: Daily conversation, mother-tongue support or tailored to your child’s need


Founder of Kinderleicht

Hello! l am Alisha, founder of Kinderleicht. I have been working as a professional German tutor in Hong Kong for over three years and founded Kinderleicht in 2020. I have created an educational platform for kids in Hong Kong to learn German in a fun and enjoyable way. Here at Kinderleicht, we give every child the opportunity to not only learn the German language, but also dip into German culture. With our German-themed workshops and day camps we provide seasonal activities that create a perfect platform for exposure to German. We believe these activities are a great way to give students meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and lower their ‘affective filter, put simply to make learning fun! As our teachers make learning engaging and fun, our students are more willing to participate. Our philosophy
of keeping fun at the heart of the classroom also helps students retain information because the process is both memorable.


A lan­guage is learnt by mov­ing around in that lan­guage, by liv­ing in it. It has been sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly proven that dif­fer­ent ar­eas of the brain are ac­ti­vat­ed when small chil­dren and adults are learn­ing. When chil­dren learn lan­guages, the same part of the brain is in­volved as when they learn their moth­er tongue. How­ev­er, ac­cord­ing to the prin­ci­ple of To­tal Phys­i­cal Re­sponse it is con­sid­er­ably eas­i­er for them to learn a fur­ther lan­guage in con­junc­tion with the per­cep­tion of all sens­es.

At ‘Kinderleicht’  we avoid ar­ti­fi­cial com­mu­ni­ca­tion as in con­ven­tion­al lan­guage lessons.  Our chil­dren en­ter German lan­guage world play­ful­ly and ef­fort­less­ly and with­out be­ing over­taxed learn a for­eign lan­guage with all their sens­es seem­ing­ly quite in­vol­un­tar­i­ly.